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About Axis Scaffolding

Axis Scaffolding specialises in the Hire of Scaffolding to the commercial, industrial and residential markets and focuses on providing access solutions to all our customers, no matter how simple or complex the requirement.

James Cosgrove, Operations Manager at Axis Scaffolding, has been generous enough to share his journey from going from a predominantly paper-based business, to now almost all electronic.

Increasing efficiency in the field

With a growing field service team, being able to communicate job requirements effectively, and receive real-time updates back in the office was a key factor in transitioning the business away from paper. The team needed to ensure all data was accurate, up-to-date, and timely.

“Field staff can now see what tasks they have without running around with pieces of paper. All the details are available at their fingertips.”

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Today, Axis Scaffoling leverages the platform for all work orders, with the team adopting the solution fully.

“We’ve tried a number of solutions in the market, but we found Fieldmagic to be much, much easier to use and far more logical for our team”

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Reasons for selecting Fieldmagic

“We selected Fieldmagic primarily for its ease of use & and all in one package.”

Fieldmagic provided one central system to:

  • Manage Customers and Site Locations.
  • Track and send quotations.
  • Create and schedule inspection jobs.
  • Create invoices and synchronize with accounting to remove double-entry of job data into invoices.

My favourite feature would have to be the conversion from lead to quote to live jobs, then to the job scheduler.

Watch Overview of Lead to Quote to Job Process in Fieldmagic here.

How was the onboarding experience?

“The assistance from the help desk is always positive and open to new enhancements.”

Axis Scaffolding recommendation

“We selected Fieldmagic because of its easy and logical interface.”