Designed to be fast and easy to use

When it comes to job management in the field, Fieldmagic has been designed with ease of use and efficiency in mind.

From a clutter-free interface to lightning-fast speed, our goal is to support your technicians do what they do best - deliver exceptional service in the field.

Service Assets and Report Faults

Fieldmagic mobile provides a comprehensive asset inspection workflow for servicing assets and recording faults.

Technicians can access scheduled preventative maintenance jobs and view a list of the assets to inspect. Flexibility is provided by allowing technicians to filter assets by location on the job, by inspection progress, and quickly update key asset attributes such as ratings, fixtures, mounting types, temperatures and more while carrying out an inspection.

Throughout an inspection, technicians can write fault notes, specify products to fix issues, and capture photographic evidence while on-site. Data captured updates Fieldmagic which feeds into site asset reports and service reports. Any faulty assets are clearly identified to the office and can be instantly quoted with a single click. This creates a quote identifying the issues reported and appending the original service report. A repair job can then be created and scheduled for the faulty asset to be fixed.

Fieldmagic provides the following detailed reports:

  • Asset Summary Reports (Current status of site assets)
  • Job Service Reports (Provided per job)
  • Annual Site Reports (Year to date summary of service work and quotes provided)

Track Time and Materials

The mobile app provides a simple start/stop mechanism for tracking time against jobs.

In addition, materials can be attached to the job from the existing product catalogue, or as once-off purchases, with the ability to attach receipts to the job as proof.

Once the technician marks the job as complete, an invoice can be generated in the office, which automatically invoices the correct amount based on the time and materials, or the original fixed price quote, depending on the billing method selected.

Capture Photos and Signatures

Providing photographic evidence creates visibility and accountability for customers while protecting your business at the same time. Fieldmagic provides multi-photo image capture which allows you to capture both before and after images that can be printed out in-service reports and are stored safely within Fieldmagic for future reference.

Signatures can also be captured if need be, providing an easy means of recording acceptance while out on-site for routine or ad-hoc jobs.

Technician Schedule

Easily view Todays Tasks, Overdue Tasks and Upcoming Tasks.

Navigation Built In

Fieldmagic stores the precise location of each site using address pre-filling so you’ll always find the right location of a job. Navigating leverages your phone’s built-in mapping apps and gives your technicians the option of which app they’d like to use to navigate to their job.