Excite your customers

All Your Customer Data in One Place

Fieldmagic's built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features have been carefully designed to support Field Service businesses just like yours to see a clearer picture of their customers.

With a lightning-fast user experience, we've made sure you can find the data that matters to you, and update details with fewer clicks.

  • Customers
  • Sites (Properties/Locations)
  • Quotes
  • Jobs
  • Emails and Activities
  • Contacts
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders

Whether you're just starting out, or an established business with thousands of customers and properties to service, our platform makes managing large volumes of data a breeze. With advanced search tools and shareable filters, the right information is just a few clicks away.

Advanced Search

Quickly and easily find the data you need with Fieldmagic's built-in advanced search to find any data in your system. Our list filters enable a multitude of different parameters you can search on, with results returned fast.

Email Integration

Fieldmagic provides native email integration and archiving with both Office 365 and Gmail so you have all your key email communication history where it matters most.

It just works!

  • No connector to install - simply send an email from Fieldmagic and it gets tagged for archiving.
  • Email threads at your fingertips make it easy to quickly drill down into conversations.

In Fieldmagic, you can send an email from a Job, Site or against an Opportunity and have this automatically visible against the Customer as well for visibility.

We make email history easy

  • When you view a record within Fieldmagic you’ll see all relevant email communication related to the customer, quote, job or invoice, not just communications that your users remembered to send to their CRM.
  • We group email messages by thread, so your users aren’t overwhelmed by endless emails that obscure other types of communication within the CRM (i.e. notes, phone calls)
  • When you capture an email against a job, for example, we automatically make that email thread visible in the associated site and customer record.


  • You’re quoting on a new opportunity for a large project and need to get quotes from multiple subcontractors or suppliers as part of putting that quote together.
  • You want to track the communication with those suppliers against the opportunity so that you can quickly reference those quotes in future when creating purchase orders.

If you simply send the original request for a quote to your supplier from the opportunity, any replies to that email along with any associated quotes included on that email are automatically captured against the opportunity with no additional effort from your users. It’s seamless.

SMS & Two-Way Chat

Improving Office, Technician and Customer Communication

Fieldmagic Chat enables one-way notifications via SMS as well as two-way chats between office users and customers, technicians and customers, and directly between the office user and one or more technicians.

A technician or office user will be able to start a conversation with an end customer or will be able to start an internal-only chat, which won’t include the customer. When the customer is included, they will be sent an SMS as a notification. Customers can then reply using an included webchat link in the SMS that directs them to a branded landing page where they can upload photos and chat with your team!

Both the technician and desktop user will be able to see all chats against a record.

Initiate SMS Messages from any module: Customers, Quotes, Jobs, Invoices and more.


  • Improve customer satisfaction with real-time alerts
  • Keep key parties up to date with relevant information
  • Improve collaboration and enable remote diagnosis of issues with imagery sent via chat