Advantages of Connecting MYOB to Your Field Service App

In any field service business, two of the most critical software systems within your organisation are your field service software and your accounting software. It’s also critically important that they talk to one another.

Here are some of the advantages of connecting MYOB to a field service app such as Fieldmagic.

1. Easy Job Management & Scheduling

Fieldmagic provides an easy to use set of tools to quickly and easily raise ad-hoc call out jobs, manage larger project installs, as well as manage recurring maintenance works at sites. By centralizing this information, your entire scheduling team and office can instantly see at any time, the upcoming schedule of work, availability of your staff, as well as identify any additional scope for work.

For organizations that carry out asset inspection and service, where it’s critical to schedule in recurring asset inspections, and check off key tasks to keep an asset compliant, Fieldmagic provides a complete asset inspection workflow.


2. Increase Efficiency

By utilising a Field Service app in your office and a mobile solution for your team in the field, like Fieldmagic Mobile, your team can better collaborate and share critical information required to get the job done quicker, and more accurately.


By centralizing all key client data within Fieldmagic, it was possible to streamline a number of areas within your business.

  • Operations: Get accurate and timely data and imagery from field workers using mobile apps to record job data.
  • Billing: Manage quicker turn around times on invoicing as a result of real-time data access from the work carried out in the field.
  • Sales: Has better sales insight from centralized enquiry and quote management, allowing you to understand key aspects of your customer base and common needs seen with clients.

3. Up-to-Date Data Across Your Organisation

Up-to-date data is as good as gold. Enabling your team to update, edit, and achieve a single repository of data is important, especially if your team is apart from and working from different locations.

By keeping customer data and key contact information up to date, the rest of your organization, including your accountant, will always have the correct information to ensure your work gets billed and paid on time, and key contacts are updated for easy reference and future contact.


4. Eliminate Double Entry of Job Billing Data into MYOB

By using a Field Service app such as Fieldmagic, time and materials entries captured on jobs while carrying out installation and repair work can easily be rolled into an invoice once the job is completed, or even prior to the commencement of a job if you need to take a deposit.


Fieldmagic provides a number of great options when it comes to billing for your jobs, including:

  • Flexible Invoicing: The ability to build and define an invoice as you see fit
  • Time and Materials Invoicing (Do & Charge): Based on materials and time consumed for a job. The invoice identifies time entries and materials.
  • Fixed Price Invoicing: Typically off the back of a quote, or based on a given set price for a job.

5. Quickly See Invoice Payment Statuses

Once your invoices are synced to MYOB from Fieldmagic (which happens in real-time - sweet!), your accountant will review the invoices, and overtime receives either part payments or full payments on each invoice.

As this happens, the invoice due amount in Fieldmagic get’s updated, and when the full amount has been paid, the invoice gets updated to a ”Paid” status.


Want to trial Fieldmagic and Connect your MYOB Account?

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Why customers love using Fieldmagic with MYOB AccountRight Live

  • Easily manage customers, sites and contacts with our built-in CRM functionality.
  • Create templated quotes, track sales pipeline and monitor communications with our native integration to Gmail, Outlook and Lotus Notes.
  • Schedule jobs and see real-time field user updates in your scheduling calendar with color-coded job changes.
  • With Fieldmagic Mobile for iOS and Android, capture job data including notes, travel and job time, before and after photos, customer signatures, and much more.
  • Manage and track asset servicing and compliance and deliver high-quality, polished service reports.
  • Empower your office staff with flexibility around how jobs are billed: Time and Materials, Fixed Price, & Milestone Project Billing.
  • Single-click sync of invoicing to your accounting system