Mobile app forms

As a Field service business, you understand that accurate data collection is vital for a successful business, but this is not always a straightforward task due to manual processes and paper-based forms.

How data is assigned, collected, shared and used makes the difference between having an effective and productive field service operation or not.

Field service companies face some unique challenges as some or all of their work can be high priority calls that come in through the course of the day. As the work wasn’t part of the initial schedule, the technicians may not always have the right job forms with them, so they are not working with all the information they need.

Let’s look at the top five reasons for moving away from a paper-based system to a more robust, efficient electronic system.

Mobile app forms

1. Improved operational efficiency

Information is entered just once on the technician’s device as the data is captured at the point of service. This removes any duplication of data entry at a later stage. Photos, checklist responses and signatures can all be captured at the same time and instantly be available in the office.

2. Improved data accuracy

Forms can be auto-populated and include drop-down menus and instructions, assisting data entry in the most accurate way with prompts for completion. The right, accurate information is captured the first time, with no room for error. This can be especially useful when training new starters or just ensuring that bad habits don’t fester in as corners can’t get cut especially when large contracts are on the line.

Fieldmagic also allows for the capture of unique asset-specific attributes relevant to the servicing of your different asset types. Examples might include recording the temperature readings of assets, brand types, mounting types, pressure readings and a range of any values required.

3. Improved compliance and service quality

Data management can be core to compliance requirements for monitoring, reporting and auditing purposes. All data needs to be correctly captured, recorded and reported on.

Mobile app forms

4. Improved communication

Communication can be instant and in real-time with electronic checklists. There is no delay, unlike paperwork being brought into offices. Forms can be tailored to ensure that the information being collected is bespoke to your business’ needs and can cover off the different areas and types of jobs.

5. Instant business Insights

Information collected using mobile forms is accurate and reliable and can instantly give a real-time insight into the business. This not only gives those making on-the-spot decisions confidence in the information they are using, but also means the data can be easily searched, extracted, and analysed. This helps to transform collected data into actionable business intelligence.

Mobile app forms