Streamline your compliance and maintenance management with mobile checklists

Fieldmagic provides a checklist builder for the management of maintenance and standard operating procedures that is unmatched in the market today. This allows you to drive consistency, efficiency, and compliance within your field services team.

With Fieldmagic’s compliance checklist builder, you can build out well-defined processes, whether driven by a need for compliance with industry standards or simply a desire for better consistency and quality, that will automatically prompt your field service technicians to analyse, document and maintain according to best practices.

When you define a standards checklist and link it to a job, it will automatically display against that job, driving the technician to follow that process.

The mobile checklist builder supports:

  • Field entries that include list values, numbers and field/asset attribute updates.
  • Calculated fields.
  • Pass/fail prompts with automatic prompting of reasons for failure and recommended products to fix the issue.
  • Capturing one or more images and signatures.
  • Capturing client and/or technician signatures against the checklist.
  • Embedding WYSIWYG instructions into the form to guide technicians through a given process.

A Checklist Builder Designed for Asset Maintenance

If your organisation carries our recurring maintenance, then our checklist builder is perfect for ensuring you always record service checks efficiently and report faults. When setting up your asset types, Fieldmagic provides the flexibility to define as many unique asset attributes as you require, which allows you to then ensure you are capturing the correct readings and asset values at each service period in your checklists.

An example might include recording the temperature readings of assets, brand types, mounting types, pressure readings and a range of any values required.

Configurable Service Periods

Quickly and easily configure your various period types and which checklist options appear on each frequency of service.

Electronically recording faults and readings allows you to deliver reporting at greater speed to your office and turn faults into repair work eliminating double entry of data.

Improved operational efficiency

Information is entered just once on the technician’s device as the data is captured at the point of service. This removes any duplication of data entry at a later stage. Photos, checklist responses and signatures can all be captured at the same time and instantly be available in the office.

Improved data accuracy and consistency

Forms can be auto-populated and include drop-down menus and instructions, assisting data entry in the most accurate way with prompts for completion. The right, accurate information is captured the first time, with no room for error. This can be especially useful when training new starters or just ensuring that bad habits don’t fester in as corners can’t get cut especially when large contracts are on the line.

Fieldmagic also allows for the capture of unique asset-specific attributes relevant to the servicing of your different asset types.