Sms two way chat

Improving Office, Technician and Customer Communication

One of the key goals of Sharpe Group is to improve communication between staff and customers and ensure a good customer experience.

Fieldmagic Chat enables one-way notifications via SMS as well as two-way chats between office users and customers, technicians and customers, and directly between the office user and one or more technicians.

A technician or office user will be able to start a conversation with an end customer or will be able to start an internal-only chat, which won’t include the customer. When the customer is included, they will be sent an SMS as a notification which will be branded.

Both the technician and desktop user will be able to see all chats against a record.

Chat Templates

This will support each department to send the following:

  • Job Reminders to Customers

  • Request for Additional Information from the Customer

Quickly and Easily View Chat History