Fieldmagic has been designed from the ground up to integrate seamless with both cloud accounting systems and on premise ERP products. Our integration with Xero Accounting software is no different, and Fieldmagic has integrated with Xero since day 1 and as such, is seamless end to end.

Note that this integration is included in the core platform and no additional cost is required for integration into Xero.

The integration includes:

  • Automatic synchronisation of company and contact data from Fieldmagic into Xero.
  • Automatic synchronisation of job and maintenance invoices from Fieldmagic into Xero.
  • Automatic creation of supplier invoices in Xero from Fieldmagic purchase orders once approved.
  • Automatic update of payment status of client invoices from Xero back into Fieldmagic.

In addition, the integration provides full support for leveraging Xero tracking categories in order to track revenue for each department, which empowers you to generate full P&L statements on a per department level. This offers a level of financial reporting that is unmatched in other field service platforms.

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