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  • Nov 21, 2016
  • by Glenn Richmond

At Fieldmagic, we've been working long and hard to bring our customers a leading field services platform that offers a scalable, flexible solution with a complete feature set; while staying within our advertised pricing tiers. Our team have been working with a range of clients from field services industries and have collaborated on developing our original Fieldmagic software built on the SugarCRM 6 platform. Over the past 18 months, our combined teams have gone through all the feedback from ongoing field operations and successfully developed an end-to-end platform that we believe is unmatched in functionality, configurability and value for money.

Fieldmagic Overview

In the major version 2.0 release, we've completely redesigned the platform to include:

  • Powerful quoting, job management, time and materials tracking, and invoicing
  • Supplier management and purchase orders, with integration into Xero and other accounting systems
  • Document generation and electronic signing using our award winning Flexidocs platform
  • Offline mobile technician app
  • Configurable compliance checklists, including asset management and standard compliance across fire services and a range of industries
  • Full GPS tracking and geolocation built into the platform

So, what was our goal when launching Fieldmagic version 2.0?

Put simply, when our existing CRM clients looked at the market for solutions to manage their field service operations, there was a serious lack of options.

Our goal when creating Fieldmagic was to provide an enterprise grade solution for field service businesses that offered configurability and openness on a leading field service platform, out of the box. We believe in building as much value into our platform as possible, so that our clients continue to get a complete field services platform with the latest features for the price of their subscription.

Currently, there are solutions that address the low-cost end of the market and work for solo operations or small teams. But they're not extendable beyond their basic quoting and job management functionality, and offer no room for growth in the future. On the high end of the market, we see sophisticated field servicing solutions built on platforms such as SAP or While both are enterprise grade, extendable platforms; they also bring extremely high licensing costs ($$$$) that invariably get passed down to the client.

Our goal was to provide an affordable solution that still offered flexibility to provide a platform that can grow with an organisation as they do.

If you're looking for a CRM with field servicing, or even a pure field servicing platform that offers all of the required functionality without surprise costs, get in touch today.

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