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  • Oct 17, 2017
  • by Trevor Carlsson

How flexible is the reporting?

Fieldmagic’s Reporting module allows users to build and manage reports for any module in their system including Jobs, Customers, Sites, Quotes, Contacts, Calls, etc. As long as you have data, it's reportable. 

Why is flexibility important?

Flexibility in your reporting adds a great deal of value when your staff can make sense of vital information for your organisation in different ways, with the ability to be specific, drill down into data, and display reports graphically on dashboards. 

There are four types of reports that can be built in the system: Rows and Columns Reports, Summation Reports with Detail, Summation Reports, and Matrix Reports.

Job Management Reporting


Here are a few ways our customers are taking advantage of Fieldmagic's powerful reporting engine! 

1. Gross Margin Reporting

A common report we see used for when you'd like to decipher between estimated hours on a job vs actual hours the technician spent on the job. This is great for evaluating fixed cost jobs to understand if your over or under quoting, and where you can improve on your margins. 

In Fieldmagic, on a job by job basis, we capture the Gross Margin both as a dollar and percentage value, so this adds to the insight you're able to achieve. Now, with this being the case, customers are able to report on the SUM of the overall Gross Margin a customer generates, and thereby report on value of customers. Powerful insights which can be graphically displayed on an easy to read dashboard bar or pie chart. 

Job Management Reporting

2. Billable Hours By Technician

This is a simpler report that shows within a defined time period, and grouped by technician, what the billable hours have been for each technician. There is also the common case where these hours are broken up by the type of job carried out, such as a minor works job, maintenance job, or project job. 

This report can be used for generating a time-sheet report as well which can be exported as a CSV report. 

Job Management Reporting

3. Sales Reporting - Actual vs Forecasted

Actual Sales

If you're leveraging the in-built invoicing process in Fieldmagic to generate your recurring and per-job invoices, then your sales data is readily available to be reported on. Now, you can access this within your accounting package, but having easy to access drill down reporting dashboards in Fieldmagic will make access instant (for those who need it of course). 

Forecasted Sales

Apart from your actual sales, many customers find value in understanding forecasted sales, which is 'New business.' This  is an important aspect of any growing business, whether this is new business with an existing customer, or new business with a new customer. By tracking your open quotations and reporting on these, this allows for forward planning for your business, and allows a greater level of accountability within your sales team. Suddenly, all quotes are clearly visible to management, and there's more room for critique, feedback and approval processes. 

Job Management Reporting

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