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  • Apr 11, 2017
  • by Glenn Richmond

The Challenge

When it comes to field services, one of the common challenges that organisations have is that they often have large files that need to be stored against sites, and those files often need to be shared with technicians. However, the process of attaching those files to sites in a manner that makes sense can be challenging for a number of reasons:

  • The files are often large, and the time required to upload large site diagrams to a cloud based system can be inconvenient.
  • These files often need to be updated regularly, or edited, and a web-based upload on each edit often isn't practical.

For this reason, most of our customers typically run a local file storage system that has a structure that reflects their requirements. As an example, a customer would typically have a folder structure where each site or customer has their own folder, and within each of those folders, you would have a folder for quotes, jobs, site diagrams, and perhaps contracts and compliance documents.

The challenge with this approach is that:

  • The files are not easily accessible to technicians in the field.
  • Folder structures are often manually created, and there is always inconsistencies when manual processes are involved, making information difficult to find.
  • Backup processes around this data are often lacking
Transition from Old Folder Storage to Cloud

Combining Fieldmagic with Dropbox

At Fieldmagic, we took a look at this challenge and realised that we could provide a solution that provided the best of both worlds. By combining Fieldmagic with Dropbox, we allow administrators to define a consistent folder structure. Fieldmagic already understands that your business is customer and site focused, and allows you to define a standard structure for sites, quotes and jobs. What does this mean for the end user?

  • Each and every site has a well-defined folder structure that is consistent and predictable, making finding the relevant information simple.
  • Users are able to upload documents to a site, job or quote by simply dragging the file to their local dropbox folder - no more waiting for files to upload.
  • Any files that are uploaded to a site are immediately available to mobile app users, meaning that technicians can access site documentation as needed.

Check out the demonstration video below.

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