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  • Jun 01, 2017
  • by Trevor Carlsson

What's new?

Fieldmagic Customer Portal Version 2.0 brings a brand new user interface to customers, with an improved layout that is clearer and an even better experience to use. Need us to tailor your portal to your brand's style is still as easy as ever, with the platform leveraging the powerful frameworks of a full CMS system. 

Some of the other new aspects include: 

  • ​The ability to accept/reject Quotes from the portal
  • Improved filtering across Quotes, Jobs, Assets, Maintenance and Invoices
  • Grouping of Maintenance by Asset Types for quicker at-a-glance access to view schedules and reports
  • The ability to view and pay invoices within the portal (requires a Stripe account for payment processing)
Fieldmagic Customer Portal Interface 2.0

Create efficiency and gain a strategic edge when it comes to customer service

One of the most time consuming aspect of any field service business that can consume endless resources is providing compliance and service reports to customers. While field service software allows you to instantly provide these reports to your customers, a portal can further empower customers. The benefit of this is twofold – it frees up your back office resources to focus more on managing technicians, and areas such as customer service or business development, and second, it empowers customers to access their own compliance history, drill down on job and compliance information for each asset, review and approve quotes, and pay invoices online.

From the point of view of the customer, this provides the customer with the choice to liaise with someone in your organisation, or access the data themselves, which is often preferable for organisations that have a lot of assets to manage. Finally, this gives you as an organisation a strategic advantage over your competitors that aren’t able to provide this level of ease of access to their customers. This can be a valuable tool the next time your largest customer goes out to tender. 

Grouping of Maintenance by Asset Types

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