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  • Feb 15, 2017
  • by Trevor Carlsson

Complementing. Not Competing. 

Most, if not all organisations, are looking for ways in which to streamline their processes and save time, all the while providing a consistent and strong level of personalised service to customers. It's a cycle of continual strive for improvement and some of your competitors are working hard at it. Cloud CRM and Job Management solutions are a big part of delivering a strong level of service to customers. 

These systems are intended to empower staff with tools that enable them to deliver an experience that delights and benefits the customer - relevant, personalised experiences over time. The role automation and software takes in delivering this experience is complementary, focusing on reducing the number of steps your staff need to take, and ensuring steps taken are timely. 

A Field Service CRM's Place in The Mix 

A CRM system's main job is to provide a single view of each customer. Fieldmagic for Field Services for example, is built on the leading SugarCRM system, which means a single view of each customer for Sales (Enquiries, Companies, Sites, Contacts, Activities, Quotes), as well as a single view for Operations (Jobs, Maintenance and Billing). 

Let's now take a look at how CRM can be leveraged as a tool to provide personalised service

One example comes in the form of maintenance scheduling. Perhaps your customer has a highly specific set of scheduling needs, and you need to quickly adapt to service them. A Field Service Solution like Fieldmagic which is built on a CRM, provides the additional flexibility to meet this need. By allowing you to define a specific schedule, you can map out all of their asset maintenance needs, and schedule in the jobs accordingly.  Do they require flexibility in the way they get billed? If so, having the flexibility to define a billing arrangement in the CRM will provide them with a billing schedule that can also meet their needs. Do they need a quote as soon as a defect is detected at a site by a technician? If so, let's send an alert to the service advisor to review the last asset checklist and quote for the work and replacement items to resolve the issue. By having a system in place that allows you the flexibility to meet the very specific needs of your customers, you essentially can deliver that personalised service. 

Field Service CRM

Leveraging Systems to Deliver a Better Customer Experience

There are a number of other tools that can help deliver an automated, more personalised means of delivering service to customers. Let's discuss your website first, as this is after all the main source of where your services are outlined. Now imagine a potential customer is browsing your site, and spends a lengthy period on your services page. One means of engaging with this customer could be to leverage website chat tools like Jivochat that can easily be integrated with your website. A chat window would pop up asking your customer if they would like to start a conversation, or if they have any specific questions that they needed answered right away. You could have a select number of your team logged into the chat application during business hours, and be prompted with alerts when a customer starts chatting. This is a means of providing an automated, instant response for the customer at a time when they are ready, when and where the customer needs it. Now if you have this integrated with your CRM, you can even go as far as automating the creation of a job if it's an existing customer, or the creation of a new enquiry for your sales team to get in touch with. 

Nurturing Potential Customers with Automated Emails  

If it's an initial enquiry, and one of your sales reps has had a conversation with but they're not ready just yet, another way of extending a personalised service to them is through using what you call "marketing automation." You have the ability to trigger personalised emails with helpful resources, guides, product information and other content. Your sales team doesn't need to handle this process hands-on, so they gain more time to focus on the customers who need their expertise at hand, and leave the system to send relevant information to the customer. 

Choosing a Marketing Automation system

One example of a very good marketing automation platform is 'Act-On', which is used by thousands of organisations world-wide. Act-On provides an easy and intuitive interface to use, with powerful automation capabilities that allow you to define when an email or alert is sent to your customer. 


Providing Easy Access to Relevant Information for Customers

Example: Instant Online Access to Maintenance Records for a Strata Company

Access to timely and relevant information via a 24 Hour customer portal is a good example of a system in place that provides personalised service in an automated way. Let's use the example of a Fire Services business that provides Inspection and Testing services for their clients. One of the challenges for strata companies to manage is ensuring that all of their sites are compliant. The fire services company can leverage a platform such as Fieldmagic to provide 24 hour access to maintenance schedules and inspection history. This reduces the need for paperwork for the strata company and provides a much stronger customer experience.

How can we deliver this benefit?

In order to deliver this benefit to a customer, we need to have the right system in place. Job and Maintenance information needs to be captured electronically out in the field by technicians and be available to the customer to view online and extract for their reporting purposes. 

By allocating I&T jobs to technicians to view and complete their jobs on an easy to use mobile app interface, we can do away with paper-based job cards. We can also display safety and asset checklists in the application to complete. Not only does this allow you to report maintenance instantly back to the customer, it improves the technician's level of productivity by completing checklists through a series of prompts. This replaces  the normal tedious manual task of using paper to check off these items. 

Customer Portal

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