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  • Feb 06, 2017
  • by Trevor Carlsson

Fieldmagic for Fire Safety | A Collaboration

Built Through Strong Industry Collaboration

We strongly believe that in order to truly deliver a product that effects real change within an organisation and improves operational efficiency, you need to work alongside and partner with industry to deeply understand unique processes and workflows.

Our focus was on building a solution that would streamline a number of processes across the business, from quoting to job management and scheduling, maintenance, to how we could efficiently remove paper-handling processes and deliver a better, more effective on-the-job experience for technicians. By building Fieldmagic on top of a leading CRM, we essentially were able to focus both on providing tools to drive customer management, while having a core platform to drive field services workflows. The results are arguably the most complete Field Services solution on the market today. 

A Lasting Relationship Benefiting Wider Industry

Partnering With Westside Fire Services

Westside Fire Services is one of the largest fire services companies in Perth offering a full suite of fire protection services and associated equipment maintenance. Having been around for 30 years, Westside have firmly secured their position as a dominant player in the fire services industry in Western Australia (WA), with a strong track record. 

Westside focuses on two simple core tenets: their clients, and their offering. This mindset has forced them to remain competitive and innovative in a constantly changing industry. 

Their intention to be more proactive instead of reactive has not only allowed Westside to remain buoyant despite a decline in new construction projects in WA in the last 5 years, but has also spurred on the project with CRM Online. 

CRM Online / Westside Partnership

The Beginning of A Long-standing Relationship

Westside originally approached CRM Online in 2012 to implement a CRM solution to drive their sales, job management and billing processes in a more efficient manner. From the beginning, Westside undertook a close collaboration with CRM Online, and as a result of this approach, CRM Online would gain a close understanding of needs, motivators and influences, which allowed for a purposeful evolution of Westside's CRM. Overtime the CRM expanded further to replace Westside's current Job Management software, becoming a more complete Field Services solution, which today is Fieldmagic.  

Fieldmagic, from its conceptualisation through to development, is a testament to the long-standing relationship between Westside Fire Services and CRM Online. Both teams continue to innovate, building out and expanding what Fieldmagic can do, and driving continual improvements in operational efficiency. 

Resulting unique features

The Fieldmagic Platform

Beyond typical field services requirements like fast and efficient quoting, job management, maintenance and scheduling, Fieldmagic offers a collection of extra features you're not likely to find in other platforms. One of these is the configurable asset and maintenance management tools available in the system. These have been designed  from the ground up to provide a guided workflow for recording assets and compliance according to industry standards, often entirely replacing paper-handling. 

Although workforces in field services have always been mobile, technicians are now doing more efficient work in the field supported by technology in the form of Android and iOS devices. For example, Fieldmagic’s Offline technician app takes advantage of mobile GPS positioning, making use of your mobile device's built in GPS capability and displaying technicians on a map, and providing them the ability to navigate to sites. In order to improve the efficiency of technicians in the field, the app also provides full time and materials tracking, safety and compliance check-listing with image and signature capture capability, as well as the ability to process mobile payments to simplify billing. 

Fieldmagic also comes with Xero, MYOB Live and Quickbooks Online integrations out of the box, with more accounting integration on the horizon. There is also the ability to integrate with Netsuite, SAP and other major ERP platforms via our partnership with Dell Boomi, a leading integration platform, ranked #1 by Gartner. This means that clients, invoices and purchase orders are automatically synchronized with your accounting software, and payment statuses are brought back into the CRM to provide a single view of the customer.

Check out the full list of features!

Industry Relevance

Although Fieldmagic was originally developed specifically with the Fire Services Industry in mind, the core platform has also aligned well to support a range of field services industries. In fact, Fieldmagic has found it's place in a wide range of industries, including:

  • IT & Mobile Support
  • Mining & Oil and Gas (maintenance of assets)
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Maintenance
  • HVAC / Air Conditioning
  • Security Industries
A compelling win-win

A compelling win-win

Considering the resources and planning required, you might be wondering; “why bother building a whole new platform?” This is easily answered when you see the compelling win-win.

For CRM Online, there was a huge opportunity in the market. No comparable options available that provided a complete solution, and a high demand for a smarter suite of field services software. Nobody was addressing this need.

The significant win for field services meant a shift in what Job Management Software could be: previously unseen levels of operational awareness and productivity, while placing the customer first. The first-mover advantage for Westside specifically was also crucial.

The CRM backbone enables infinite scalability and flexibility. The result is a completely new platform, built through collaboration from the ground up and with a strong focus on the customer and more flexibility for industry. 

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