Eco Climate Solutions Inspections and Service Case Study

Purpose-built field service management software for HVAC can make a huge difference, from the removal of manual touch-points across office and field technicians to automating the process of getting automated reports into the hands of your customers. Learn from Eco Climate Solutions and their journey.

05 October 2017


Purpose-built field service management software for HVAC can make a huge difference, from the removal of manual touch-points across office and field technicians, to streamlining fault reporting, quoting and repair jobs for customers. Learn from Eco Climate Solutions and their journey to achieving greater operational efficiency and placing their customers at the fore-front of everything that they do.

About Eco Climate Solutions

Eco Climate Solutions are air-conditioning and refrigeration specialists that take great pride in being an environmentally conscious company. What that means is that they are driven by efficiencies which help you save money and reduce your environmental impact.

As a waste producing company Eco Climate consider it a responsibility to minimize our carbon footprint and do everything they to reduce our impact on the environment. For this reason Eco Climate keeps up to date with the latest global advancements in industry leading technologies and offer environmentally friendly products and services where applicable.

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The Challenges

One of the main challenges Eco Climate Solution faced with their previous software platform was that there was a lot of double handling of data. There was no real connectedness.

All of this relied on a lot of time for data input, and left no real safe guards for human error if any information was missed. With the business looking to grow and take on new clients, Eco Climate Solutions needed a more complete, end-to-end solution that would also make things a lot easier.

The Solution

With a growing client base, it was clear Eco Climate needed to invest in a platform that was going to make it easier to scale and achieve growth.

CRM Online implemented Fieldmagic to achieve the following key outcomes:

Catching up with Eco Climate Solutions Managing Director, Nicholas Turney, this is what he had to say:

“I considered nearly all of the off the shelf software’s and CRM based programs before settling on Fieldmagic. The adaptability of the underlying SugarCRM platform and the added function of the Customer Portal were two of the main reasons we chose to go with Fieldmagic.”

“Receiving feedback from customers that have been very impressed with the high level of service and how we have helped them improve the service to their customers with the real time job tracking functions of Fieldmagic is very rewarding.“

Nicholas Turney, Managing Director at Eco Climate Solutions

How easy or hard was it to get started with Fieldmagic?

“Initially it was very easy for us to get started with Fieldmagic. All of the initial set up was carried out by CRM Online and we were provided with sufficient training to then set up the system in away that suited our work procedures. Utilising Fieldmagic early on in our business was extremely beneficial because we didn’t have too much data from customers, sites and assets to transfer so we have been able to input all of our new clients and assets directly into the system.”

How is it different than other alternatives you’ve tried?

“The other alternatives we tried had limitations and whilst some of them may have meet 90% of our requirements, the missing 10% would have meant we needed additional systems in place and defied the purpose of consolidating everything onto 1 platform.”

How has it helped you to overcome the challenges you had before?

“Me and my Staff are now able to access information about sites, quotes, jobs, run reports or send invoices from the office or remotely. Having a single platform with multiple users has enabled me to monitor and QC all the works that are going on without interruption. The flow logic of the system and the accounting synchronisation has removed the reliance on myself to track everything and I am still able to carry out the accounting side of the business with a fraction of the time input.”


The team at Eco Climate run the complete Fieldmagic suite, an investment that is starting to pay dividends.

“Before using Fielmagic, one of our commercial real estate customers was utilising our services with 3 of their clients sites. With our improved capabilities and ease of asset/ job management we have contracted 23 more in the last 6months. “

Nicholas Turney, Managing Director at Eco Climate Solutions

What is the single biggest reason you would recommend Fieldmagic?

“Fieldmagic is a highly versatile tool which is constantly improving. It has enabled us to transition from a small outfit to an established commercial service provider with an extremely professional customer interface.

The improved efficiencies that field magic has brought to the company has enabled me to expand the company and turn better profits making it a very worthwhile investment.”