Fieldmagic Cloud New Xero Quickbooks and MYOB Connectors

We spent 2 years redesigning and building Fieldmagic Cloud from the ground up. Here's why we did it and how it benefits you as a customer.

02 May 2020
Glenn Richmond

Announcing Fieldmagic Cloud

We’ve been on a journey over the past couple of years at Fieldmagic and we’re finally ready to let you all in on what we’ve been working on. Put simply, we’ve completely re-architected the Fieldmagic platform to be cloud native, highly performant and with a completely redesigned, simpler user experience.

What benefits does this give me as a customer?

Before we get into the sales pitch, we’ll outline some of the key changes with the new architecture.

Put simply, we’re able to offer more value for less $$.

We’ll be adding a lot more detail over the coming weeks as we outline each of the major improvements that come with the new platform. Feel free to sign up to the new platform by clicking on the Free Trial Link. You don’t need to create an account to log in - just use your Google or Microsoft account to create a free account.

A Bit of History about Fieldmagic

For those that are not existing customers of Fieldmagic, we’ll provide a bit of history of the product. Fieldmagic was created by CRM Online Australia, a customer relationship management consultancy based in Australia. CRM Online has been implementing CRM since 2006 and over that time, has implemented hundreds of CRM, enterprise integration and marketing systems in regions including Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. As tends to happen over time, we started to gain more customers in certain industries than others, and Field Service Management was one of those areas where we found that a lot of customers were searching for a solution to better understand and service their customers, which is the point of customer relationship management.

A CRM system is typically focused on sales, marketing and customer service, but doesn’t typically do Field Service Management as well as a tool designed for that purpose. As a result, many of these customers were also running separate Field Service Management systems, which meant that those systems needed to be integrated with those existing systems (typically involves significant $$$) or alternatively, accept a more limited level of field service management within the CRM.

In 2015, we set out to change that by creating the best of both worlds. Our goal was to create a complete Field Service Management platform built on a CRM platform at its core. We chose to build that platform on SugarCRM Enterprise, a popular and full featured CRM platform at the time. This gave us a strong advantage over many traditional products in the FSM space around the CRM capability - management of sales, flexible reporting, an entire ecosystem of integrations and addon products that could be used to tailor the product to each customer. The result was that we had some success in that space, but this also came with some drawbacks - cost, ease of maintenance, limitations around product roadmap to name but a few.

We used the valuable knowledge that we gained with our customers in the SugarCRM-based version of the product and completely re-architected the platform to create Fieldmagic Cloud, a multi-tenant CRM, Field Service and Asset Management platform with a strong focus on user experience and offering exceptional enterprise grade features to customers at an accessible price point while being intuitive enough to support self implementation for smaller csutomers.

The technical stuff

From a platform standpoint, we’re able to offer a more reliable, feature rich platform.