Fieldmagic Cloud New Updates to Mobile for Android and iOS

We Have Introduced Refinements to Mobile and Desktop for Better at a Glance Information

27 February 2020

We’ve refined Fieldmagic Cloud Mobile for iOS & Android

Along with the gluttony of new features that our Fieldmagic Cloud platform is adding, we’ve just made available our refined task-view interfaces in both our Android and iOS apps.

What benefits does this give me as a customer?

We wanted to make at-a-glance information more relevant for technicians, and have listened to your feedback to introduce a more informative task list view that is easier to navigate.

A summary of the key refinements we’ve made to iOS & Android include:

These updates have been automatically rolled out to all iOS and Android users, without the need to download a new update from your app store, providing a seamless fuss-free update.

Check out our screenshot below for how this looks in the app. Colour coding represents the Priority Level of each task.