Fieldmagic Cloud Releases New Field Service Form Builder

Design and upload your own custom designed forms and merge in your Fieldmagic data to present polished documents to your customers.

09 March 2020

Custom Design Your Own Form Templates with Fieldmagic’s Form Builder

A long-awaited feature in Fieldmagic has been the ability to generate custom forms that merge in your Fieldmagic data. The wait is finally over! We’ve just made available our brand new Form Builder in Fieldmagic.

Creating Templates

The below steps provide an overview of how the new Form Builder works. Templates need to be designed in an Open Office Document Format ( ODF). We recommend downloading the LibreOffice, an open-source Word Processor, similar to Microsoft Word, which will allow you to design your templates. Fieldmagic provides a library of merge-fields to use in your template. Once done, simply upload your new template to Fieldmagic. Users can then select from a number of templates to use and download PDFs with your data nicely merged in!

What benefits does this give me as a customer?

A summary of the key features of the form builder include:

Loading a New Template

The below screenshot shows how a new template is uploaded in Fieldmagic to be visible within a module for users to select. To upload a new template, you need to be an Administrator in Fieldmagic and be on the Enterprise Plan.

Selecting a Template to Download a PDF

To generate a new PDF, simply select from one of your templates to preview your document before downloading: