Field Service Asset Inspection

Quickly and easily service site assets, flag faults, and recommend products to fix issues. Then in one single click, generate your quotes automatically bringing in your various recommended service fixes.

22 January 2020

What are the common inefficiencies in the asset inspection and repair workflow?

Managing a range of different assets with unique attributes and servicing requirements can often be a very tedious undertaking. Excel spreadsheets can quickly get out of hand, and keeping a track of service history becomes unwieldy. Further to this, different types of assets require a range of different test-points and standards, often have completely different set-ups, and get serviced on varying frequencies.

Designing an Easy to Use Solution

One of the areas that we’ve spent a lot of time refining at Fieldmagic is our asset inspection, quoting and repair workflow. This workflow often gets overlooked as it’s buried deep on the detail of how we help streamline the asset inspection process.

The process of asset inspection is almost always performed with the goal of ensuring that those assets are in good condition and compliant to a given set of standards. As the technician performs inspections and/or tests on that asset, they may find one or more faults with those assets, which often need to be quoted and approved by the client prior to being repaired. This can be a time-consuming process in paper-base systems and even some software systems!

How does the asset inspection & repair process work?

When a technician inspects an asset in Fieldmagic and identifies a fault, the app prompts the technician to optionally add any products that are required to repair or replace that asset.

Consider the below workflow:

Data is immediately captured back into the system, allowing office users to review findings and convert the inspection job into a quote with the following pre-populated data:

From the pre-populated quote, the office user is able to generate a nicely formatted quote to the client.

If & when the client accepts the quote, the office user is able to convert the quote to a repair job with a single click. If the client accepts the quote by replying to the quote over email, the approval is automatically captured against the quote via our email archiving platform.

Once the user creates the billable repair job and associates all of the failed assets from the original inspection job with the new repair job, each of those assets can be re-inspected once the repairs are complete.

How does this benefit me as a Fieldmagic customer?

This workflow allows you to remove a large amount of manual entry work from both your field technicians and your office team.

Your team no longer needs to manually re-enter assets into your quotes, or refer to old jobs when working out which assets need to be repaired and re-inspected. Ultimately, this means that your team can perform inspections, quotes and repair more efficiently, which means this reduces your costs and ultimately helps you grow your revenue, all while providing an exceptional user experience for your customers.