Provide an exceptional customer experience and reduce administrative overhead with our portal. 

Fieldmagic comes with an intuitive customer portal which provides an access point for customers to do the things that matter to them. We've ensured that the overall design and experience captures exactly what clients have rated as important to them. 

Access the information that matters

Having access to the information that matters is of vital important to customers. Customers expect ease of access, and service that is responsive. By moving to a self-service model, this ensures the speed of service is determined by your customers. 

Customers can do the following:

  • Access Open Jobs and Open Maintenance Work
  • Request Minor Works Jobs 
  • View Open Cases and Submit New Cases
  • View and Pay Invoices

Web Chat Included

Sometimes our customers have questions that they just need answering. Having a chat platform in place allows them to put their questions down in words and send these in a chat from within their portal login. Support technicians can then respond to open chat messages and do a few things:

  • Create a Case from the Chat, linking the chat notes into the case automatically as a description for the support person to review
  • Create a new Job for the customer, at the status of 'Awaiting Scheduling.' The Job can then be dispatched to an appropriate technician to carry out
  • Respond to the Enquiry, and mark the Case as a Note, which is then attached to the Company history for future reference. 

Knowledge Base and FAQ Builder

Your Fieldmagic Portal is based on a flexible CMS Platform. This allows you to build out your FAQ and Knowledge Base Pages, where you can add rich content and images, and attach useful video links. Having this extra bit of flexibility means you can deliver the content customers come to expect.  

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