Checklist/Form Builder

Fieldmagic provides a checklist builder for management of maintenance and standard operating procedures that is unmatched in the market today. Drive consistency, efficiency and compliance within your field services team today.

With Fieldmagic's compliance checklist builder, you can build out well defined processes, whether driven by a need for compliance with industry standards or simply a desire for better consistancy and quality, that will automatically prompt your field service technicians to analyze, document and maintain according to best practices.

When you define a standards checklist, and link it to a job, it will automatically display against that job, driving the technician to follow that process. The checklist builder supports:

  • Field entries that include list values, numbers and field/attribute updates
  • Calculated fields
  • Pass/fail prompts with automatic prompting of reasons for failure
  • Capturing one or more images
  • Capturing client and/or technician signatures against the checklist
  • Embedding WYSIWYG instructions into the form to guide technicians through a given process

Once a form has been completed by a technician, that data is then automatically captured back into the core Fieldmagic platform, where the checklist can be printed or emailed and sent to your client, or simply stored against the site, asset and job for compliance management.

Compliance Checklists

Available with Fieldmagic Mobile

Having an easy way to complete your checklists means saving valuable time while out on jobs. Fieldmagic Mobile provides an easy to use interface that allows your technicians to quickly progress through a checklist, with this synced back up into Fieldmagic. 

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