All your Jobs, in the palm of your hand. 

Fieldmagic Mobile provides access to all job related information, so your Field Technicians are never left wanting for an app to do the jobs they have at hand. We have included a number of powerful features within the platform, in an intuitive and easy to use interface that is incredibly rewarding to use. 

Field Service Mobile App for Technicians

My Schedule

My Schedule is a full calendar view technicians can use to access a calendar of their scheduled jobs in a day view, week view and month view as well as being able to request leave.

Access Open Jobs and Create New Jobs

Directly from the main menu technicians can access their open jobs, and when required, create new jobs on-the-go.


Fieldmagic stores the precise location of each site using address pre-filling so you always find the right location. Navigating leverages your phone’s built in mapping apps, and gives your technicians the option of which app they’d like to use to navigate to their job.

Accessing Checklists and Servicing Assets

When in a preventative maintenance job technicians have access to their ‘Manage Checklists’ area where they can view the various Asset Types to be serviced on the job along with the individual assets to be serviced broken down by serial number, level and location. 

Field Service Mobile App for Technicians

Fieldmagic also allows for the capture of unique asset-specific attributes relevant to the servicing of your assets. Example might include recording the temperature readings of assets, brand types, mounting types, pressure readings and a range of any values required. 

Log Time and Materials

With a built-in start/stop timer fieldmagic allows you to run a job timer and even capture travel time with support for capturing multiple time entries per job. There is also the option of using the manual time entry provided.

Adding materials to your job is also incredible easy, with full access to your product catalogue whether online or offline. 

Mobile Time Tracking

Creating Asset Entries in the Field

Fieldmagic enables the creation of assets in a number of ways: 

  • QR & Bar Code scanning 
  • Manual entry of serial numbers 
  • Adding an asset off an existing open preventative maintenance jobs 
Mobile Field Technician App

What else can techs do?

  • Image Capture

Images can be captured as part of both reactive jobs and preventative jobs with the ability to define types of images and image labels. Images are resized automatically. 

  • Signature Capture

Capture signatures in the field using your phone or tablet.

Access Open Quotes and Create New Quotes

Field crew that have mobile quoting enabled on their devices can both access open quotes and create new quotes from the app when out in the field. Quoting is only supported when online. 

Mobile Job Management

Access to Sites and Contacts

Fieldmagic Mobile also provides quick access to Site and Contact Information directly from within your mobile device. 

Full CRM in Field Service Software

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