Quoting for Maintenance

Fieldmagic offers a complete platform to manage your maintenance with a streamline workflow from sales to administration to job completion. The maintenance workflow, as with any other work to be completed, typically begins with sales.

Fieldmagic provides the ability to define multiple maintenance templates for each department or discipline, along with a recommended price for each of those services. For example, if you're a Fire Services Organisation, and you're providing scheduled maintenance on fire doors, you would typically have a monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual inspection schedule for each door, and each inspection would require a different set of checks to be completed.

Quoting for Maintenance & Repair

An example of the workflow from sales to scheduling to implementation is:

  • A sales rep or office user is then able to select those maintenance options within their quote, and the RRP of the quote is calculated. As an option, the user can provide a discount on that quote (subject to approvals).
  • An example might be that the user quotes for 12 monthly door inspections, 4 quarterly, and one annual inspection, each with their own price.
  • Once the quote is accepted by the client, the client is able to sign the maintenance contract electronically, which is automatically captured against the quote.
  • Since the quote contains details of the maintenance schedules quoted, the system allows user to convert to quote into a maintenance schedule for the site in a single step, where the user can set the next job dates for each of the schedules.
  • Once the maintenance jobs are ready to be completed, the system will automatically combine similar jobs for the site, so that the maintenance can be performed efficiently.

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