How we got started

Fieldmagic is a platform that has come out of CRM Online Australia Pty Ltd, our parent company, after more than 10 years experience with implementing systems for a wide range of organisations. Our background is in leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) platforms to build custom end-to-end systems that run sales, service, billing, reporting & analytics for our client organisations. Naturally, by using a CRM platform as the basis of your operations, there are some inherent advantages; including the ability to combine sales, marketing and service with operations, and having a single platform to manage all key aspects for your customers.

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Why Focus on Field Servicing?

Put simply, when our existing CRM clients looked at the market for solutions to manage their field service operations, there was a serious lack of options

Our goal when creating Fieldmagic was to provide an enterprise-grade solution for field service businesses that offered configurability and openness on a leading field service platform, out-of-the-box. We've included advanced features such as GPS tracking and offline support for field technicians, so that you can have the leading platform on the market without any nasty surprises or holdups down the road.

Today, there are solutions that address the low-cost end of the market and work for solo operators or small teams, but they're not extendable beyond their basic quoting and job management functionality and offer no room for future growth. On the high end of the market, we see sophisticated field servicing solutions built on platforms such as SAP or While both of which are enterprise-grade, extendable platforms, they introduce extremely high licensing costs ($$$$) that invariably get passed down to the client. 

Our goal was to provide an affordable solution that still offered this configurability; to provide a platform that can grow alongside your organisation.

Why Field Servicing on CRM?

One of the questions that we often get asked is, "why build a field servicing solution on a CRM?"

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There are a number of advantages, for our clients, that come from building on a leading CRM platform:

  • Every business is different, and this platform is designed to be tailored for each organisation. That could mean customising the information that you want to track for each customer, quote or job, or creating your own reports and dashboards that cater to your own business KPIs. A good CRM offers that capability as part of the core platform, and it's a great foundation to build on top of. 
  • A well defined, open API means that the platform can be easily integrated with other systems. There's no vendor lock-in that creates double entry between your various business systems - we encourage integration.
  • A pre-built app ecosystem that enables you to seriously ramp up the value that the platform offers your business. Whether that's integrations with common accounting platforms, connecting with Dropbox or, or more advanced functions such as marketing automation to optimise client relationships, or even a full sales methodology and pipeline; you have those options available to you.
  • Every business needs a CRM. OK, we might be a bit biased here, but when your company starts growing and you start to take your customer relationships very seriously, a CRM helps you sell, service and market to your customers in a more structured, robust manner.

Most importantly, our team is friendly and approachable. If you would like to discuss your requirements in further detail, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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