Product data sheets can help you provide more information and increase your chances of winning new business. Fieldmagic Product Data Sheets allows you to attach a pdf files against products in your product catalogue. This can be company profile, specs and features of the products or anything that will help you with your quotes. When the product with data sheet is added in a quote, you will have an option to include the data sheet of the product when you email or download the quote. 


Navigate to Product Catalog. Open a Product:

Adding Datasheet

Scroll down. In the Data Sheets sub-panel click the "+" icon to add in a new Data Sheet:


Upload your pdf file then fill in the other details. Click Save:

Product Datasheet


Open a quote then click "Manage Quote":

Data sheet

In the product line item, add the product with the data sheet:

Data sheet

Click the preview quote:

Quoting with Datasheet

Then click the message icon if you want to email your directly from Fieldmagic, or the download icon if you just want to download it:


In each option, you will  be asked to select the product data sheet that you want to include in your quote from the available list. The current quote is automatically checked by default. You can also re-arrange the placement of the documents by dragging the records using the four-pointed arrow icon:

Product Data sheet

Click "Continue" to include the selected data sheet in quote:

Product Data Sheet

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