When one of the questions in a checklist fails, you will be asked to enter fault details, reason, and select a product to fix. The options available in the "Product to Fix" area will depend on the product catalog of that particular asset type. This is configurable, and the following steps will demonstrate how this is set-up. 


Navigate to administration and click "Configure Asset Types":

Product to fix

Open an Asset Type record. Scroll down and look for the "Product Catalog" sub-panel:

Product to fix

You can add products in two ways

  • Linking Existing Record - You will simply select an existing product
  • Create New Record - If the product you need is not yet in your organisation product catalog, you can add a new product

Linking Existing Record Option

Click the arrow-down and select "Link Existing Record":

Product to fix

Using the search bar, simply type a product name or filter the records. Click the arrow down beside the "Filter" to view filtering options. 

You may add multiple products at the same time. Just click the checkbox beside the product. Once you're done choosing product(s), click the "Add" button. You should see the products in the asset type product catalog sub-panel

Product to fix

Creating New Record

Click the "+" icon

Product  to fix

You will be directed in the product record view. This is the same when you create a product in the product catalog (see article for more details). 

Fill in the necessary details then click the "Save" button. The new created product should now be included in the Asset Type product catalog sub-panel. 

Product to fix

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