This will display all the jobs assigned to your team. Navigate to "All Open Jobs " in the side menu:

All Open Jobs

You can also access this in the home page. Tap "All Open Jobs":

Open jobs


This displays all the jobs specifically assigned to you. You may access this the same way in the "All Open Jobs". When you "Switch to My Open Jobs" the link in the side menu and home screen also changes. The "All Open Jobs" become "My Open Jobs".

Job List View


You will be directed to the jobs list view. At the upper centre of the screen, you will see the current count of your open jobs.  You will notice there's a coloured circle beside each job.The colour indicates the level of priority for the job. Fieldmagic uses the following colour coding:

  • Green - Normal
  • Orange - Low
  • Yellow - High
  • Red - Urgent
Job List View

At the upper left corner, you will notice the 3 dots. This is the jobs filtering menu. Simply tap it to search your jobs: 

  • Search- Use any keyword to search for job
  • Filter by Job Types- Display the list of jobs based on the following job type: Simple, Project, Recurring
  • Order- Arrange the job list in ascending or descending order based on the following fields: Priority, Job Number, Site Name, Job Summary
  • Switch to All Open Jobs- View to all the open jobs assigned to your team

You may also tap the 3 horizontal lines at the upper right corner of the screen to access the side menu.

Job List View


Tap the Job to view the details. The job record view is not always the same, it depends on the details of the job. Below is an example of a typical record view.

  • If the job has a checklist there will be a "Manage Checklists" button below the "Start Travel Timer"
  • If the site for the job has notes, it will be displayed at the upper part. Highlighted in yellow and in bold size with a red warning symbol for technicians
  • If that site has a primary contact the contact record will be visible. These includes the Contact Name, Phone Home, Phone Mobile, Phone other, Phone Work, and Tenant. You may click the pencil icon to edit the contact detail and the telephone icon to call the contact. 
Job List View

To update the job record, tap the 3 dots at the upper right corner and select the desired action

  • Create Job - Used to a new create job
  • Edit Job - Tap this to edit the status and details of the job
  • Job History - This displays the 10 last related jobs within the site.
  • Create Quote - Used to create quote for the job
  • Add New Checklist - Used to link exiting checklist to job
  • Time Log - Used to view and add job and travel time entries
  • Materials Used - Used to view and add job materials
  • Purchase Orders - Used to view and add job purchase orders
  • Add Photo - Used for capturing or uploading images
  • Files - contains all the related files for the job
  • Email - Used to send an email to a Site Contact about the job
Job Details

Job Main Function Button

Tap the "+" icon at the bottom of the screen to do the following action:

  • Phone Call - Displays the list of all site contacts and allows you to call them via Face Time
  • Navigate - Google map, use to view directions
  • Materials - Add materials for the job
  • Log Time- Add Job and Travel time manually
Job List View

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