In the menu bar, navigate to ASSETS. It will display the Assets List View. The client can change the number of displayed records  by clicking the dropdown value for the Show field. Look for an asset per site, status and by typing in the serial number.

Portal assets

The left part of the table displays the list of Asset Types that your client has in their sites. Simply click the asset type to view all the assets within that asset type.

The right side of the table shows the details of the asset. The displayed columns depends on the the Asset Type configuration which is configurable in your Fieldmagic Configuration area in Fieldmagic:

Portal Assets


To view the  asset maintenance simply click the "See Maintenance" button:

Portal Maintenance

Another way to see the maintenance is to Navigate at "Maintenance":

Asset Maintenance

Within each option, it will display the Maintenance List View. The number of displayed records can be changed by clicking the arrow down beside the show Field. The list can also be filtered by sites. Simply click the arrow down in "Filter by Site":

Portal Maintenance

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