Revenue Forecasting for Sales Reps

As a Sales Rep it's important to understand the total revenue you are generating for your business. What is the overall value of the Quotes that you have generated? What stages are they at? Having a forecasting system in place that helps you stay focused and targeting a set quota makes it easier to aim for those goals. 

Below is a typical forecast for a Sales Rep: 

Sales Rep Forecast

Including and Excluding a Quote from Forecast

Having an accurate forecast is based on two things:

  • Accurately forecasting an expected close date
  • Ensuring that only your absolutely most likely quotes are in your forecast

Within Fieldmagic, your Forecasting Module will provide the ability to:

  • Update the Expected Close Dates of each of your quotes
  • Include or Exclude a Quote from View. Your excluded quotes are still visible to your Manager, but this will tell him that you are less confident that these will move ahead within the expected time frame you have allocated.
Including or Excluding a Quote from Forecast

Committing your Forecast

Before committing your forecast there are three things that it's recommended that you update if need be:

  • Expected Close Date
  • Whether or not your Quote is included in Forecast or not
  • The Sales Stage of your Quote

Once the above is done, you can Commit your forecast to your manager as below:

Committing your forecast

Tracking Your Performance as a Sales Rep

Making sure you stay focused on your Quota is made easier with Fieldmagic's forecasting bar chart. Simply click into the forecasting module to view your current Closed Won Quote Value and how you are tracking with reaching your quota:

Forecast Bar Chart: Tracking Quota Performance

Revenue Forecasting for Managers

As a Manager, sales reps that report to you will be visible under your forecast as below. This will allow you to drill into each forecast and review the quotes that they have submitted. You then have the ability to set a Quote amount for each sales rep for the period, and track how they are performing:

Drilling down into Sales Rep Forecasts

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