Creating your PowerBI Credentials

The first step in order to integrate Microsoft PowerBI into SugarCRM is to create your OAuth credentials with Microsoft PowerBI. In order to do this, go to and log into your PowerBI account. Once you've done this, you'll see the screen shown below.

PowerBI OAuth App Configuration

Set the credentials as follows:

  • App Name: PowerBI for SugarCRM (or anything else you would like)
  • App Type: Server-side Web app
  • Redirect URL: {{yourcrmurl}}/rest/v10/powerbi/processtoken
  • Home Page URL: Your website address

Once you click Register App button, you will be provided with your client id and secret. Take note of these, as you will need to enter these into SugarCRM in order to connect with your PowerBI system.

Get your PowerBI API Credentials

Configuring SugarCRM with PowerBI Credentials

This section assumes that you have already installed and licensed your PowerBI for SugarCRM module, and now need to configure your credentials. The steps we need to take are to navigate to:


and find the OAuth keys section as shown below.

Navigate to Configure OAuth in SugarCRM

Please create a new set of OAuth 2.0 credentials with the name PowerBI. The naming of this is important and case sensitive, so please ensure that it's correct. Take your consumer key and secret that you created previously, and paste it into the consumer key and consumer secret fields. Once you save the credentials, the connector will be able to use these credentials to connect to Microsoft PowerBI.

Enter your OAuth Credentials

Accessing your PowerBI Reports

Once you've configured your OAuth credentials, you will be able to access your PowerBI reports from SugarCRM. In order to do this, simply navigate to your home icon (the Sugar Cube) and click the PowerBI Reports link as shown.

Navigate to PowerBI Reports

The first time that you access the page, you will be asked to authenticate SugarCRM to access your PowerBI dashboards. Simply click on the link, log in to your PowerBI system, and approve access. Once you've done that, the page should close, and your SugarCRM PowerBI screen should reload after a few seconds, and will show your available reports in the top left.

Select your PowerBI Report

Once you've done this, the report will be displayed below, and the system will default to your most recently accessed report whenever you access your PowerBI dashboards.

A couple of points to note:

  • In order to make a report accessible to other users in your organisation, add it to a dashboard within PowerBI and share that dashboard with any users. SugarCRM for PowerBI respects the security access levels set up within PowerBI.
  • Any page level filters that you enable in your PowerBI reports are accessible on the right of the page as shown below.
PowerBI Dashboards within SugarCRM

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