Fieldmagic allows you to easily integrate with Xero Accounting Software. Once connected, the following data from Fieldmagic will sync to Xero:

  • Customer
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Invoice Line Item
  • Maintenance Asset Type

Note: For Line Items, the name of the item will not be synced since Xero has its own inventory. Other necessary details such as description, quantity, unit price, discount, tax rate and amount will be passed to Xero.

The diagram below shows how data is synced to Xero. Customer and suppliers will be passed to Xero Contact records. Supplier records can be found in Xero Purchases. 

For records that are related to invoices including the products/services/asset types attached to these invoices, these will be passed to Xero Sales records.

Xero Integration

Accounting Synchronisation Wizard

Navigate to Home. Click the arrow down beside the fieldmagic icon, then select "Accounting Synchronisation"

Xero Integration

This will redirect you to Accounting Synchronisation Wizard. This will display all the sales and supplier invoices ready to be sync with your Accounting Software. Simply check all the checkboxes beside the record you want to sync then click the "Synchronise to Accounting". If successfully synced, there will be a prompt message "Successfully synchronised the selected items to Accounting Software."

Xero Integration

Connecting to Xero

Upon clicking the "Synchronise to Accounting" in the steps above, the selected records will be synced to the selected Accounting Software for that record.

Supplier Invoices to Xero Purchases

Open the Supplier invoice record then select your organisation Xero account in the "Company File " field:

Xero Integration


In supplier invoices, select your organisation Xero account in the "Company File " field:

Xero Integration

Recurring Invoices and Asset Types to Xero Sales Records

In the invoice record, select your organisation Xero account in the field "Accounting Configuration":

 Xero Integration

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