Activtec Case Study

About Activtec Solutions

Activtec Solutions is an Australian provider of specialised maintenance and repair solutions to the aged care and medical industries. Activtec offers preventative maintenance programs and an emergency breakdown repair service for a range of equipment including patient hoists, hospital beds, wheelchairs, shower commodes, manual handling equipment and much more. They provide services to nursing homes, hospitals, government bodies and private clients.

Activtec Case Study

Challenges faced

As a growing service provider across the region, it was clear that a sustainable service solution to manage client service was required as the business took on more clients. Activtec CEO, Jared Hawkins, a firm believer in continual service improvement, knew it was time to change the way service was managed and delivered.

“The main challenges we faced was the inability to provide accurate and up to date data for our clients using our old paper-based system. This led to a lower level of confidence as data was at times prone to slight inaccuracy from possible human error and double handling of paper forms.

Activtec Case Study

With a paper-based system, we also faced the challenge of scalability as we accumulated more and more data that needed to be filed and sorted. A Field Service solution was seen as a more scalable solution for the business. This further extended to how we invoiced, as data needed to flow accurately for invoicing. With a lag in the time data from paper forms was transferred to accounting, this resulted in longer lead times for our invoices. Having a solution to these challenges was critical to us.”

Activtec Case Study

What were the top reasons Activtec selected Fieldmagic?

“Having trialed more than 5 different solutions, the key difference we saw in Fieldmagic was the flexibility to manage both preventative and reactive maintenance well, rather than focusing one workflow over the other. Fieldmagic also provided a solution fit for delivering a better customer experience when it comes to delivering reporting for clients, where the Fieldmagic Customer Portal provided realtime Asset Reporting. Further to this, it was very easy to get started, and the team at Fieldmagic supported us in the transition and training process. “

Activtec CEO, Jared Hawkins

Favourite feature in Fieldmagic?

Activtec’s favourite feature in Fieldmagic is the flexibility to define various schedules of recurring maintenance and seamlessly manage this for their client sites.

Clients react positively to the new service experience.

“There have been a number of positive experiences from our use of the platform, but the single biggest standout would be the feedback our clients have given us about the client portal.

Activtec Case Study

Tangible Benefits

By centralising all key client data within Fieldmagic, it was possible to streamline a number of areas within the business.

Today Activtec takes full advantage of the platform and has been able to achieve the following incredible results:

  • Accurate data and imagery is maintained from site-level maintenance and reactive works with automated delivery of service reports directly to clients.
  • There has also been positive client feedback received on the improved clarity of reporting and convenience of instant access to maintenance data in the client portal.
  • Most notably, there has also been close to a 100% increase in the amount of invoices and services reports processed with the same number of staff. This has been supporting the growth of the business within increasing labour costs through automation of service management.
“Accuracy and speed of timely data is the major reason we decided to implement a new Field Service solution. Fieldmagic delivered on these two objectives for us, and has helped Activtec deliver a heightened level of customer service and satisfaction.“