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About Bon Aqua Environmental Solutions

Bon Aqua Environmental solutions is a new business headquartered in Tennesse with a mission to provide innovative, sustainable soil erosion control solutions within the construction industry.

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Bon Aqua Environmental was founded by Alex Burd, after seeing a lack of inclusivity and women-owned environmental companies in Tennessee. Alex’s background includes 4 years of full-time EPSC compliance experience, a degree in Special Education, and years of leadership development training.

Her ability to adapt and willingness to learn how each customer does business has helped Alex gain a reputation for being detail-oriented and efficient in her work. Alex’s objective is to help customers discover the best environmental approach for their job site while maintaining overall job efficiency.

Early decisions for the future of the business

Speaking to Alex, it was clear from the outset that Bon Aqua needed to grow through managed processes and systems in place. Setting sights on expansion and preparing for the future of the business was going to be important.

“We are a new business and wanted to start our company with all of the proper software to ensure the long term success for our employees and our customers.”

This meant the business needed one central system to:

  • Manage Customers and Site Locations.
  • Track and send quotations.
  • Create and schedule inspection jobs.
  • Create invoices and synchronize with accounting to remove double-entry of job data into invoices.
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Reasons for selecting Fieldmagic

“The functionality of it. We went through quite a few software demos and weren’t happy with them and when we demoed Fieldmagic, we were happy with every aspect of it. The app integration was the determining factor for us and being able to integrate with the accounting software we chose.

My favourite feature would have to be the customer invoicing and being able to see first hand what outstanding invoices are left and the money amount to be paid instead of having to physically look into each invoice to see if it’s been paid.”

How was the onboarding experience?

“Everything about FieldMagic has been self-teachable. If you’re unsure about something, you’re able to get into contact with your Service Rep fairly quickly or use the Help feature embedded into your account to show you step by step on how to navigate.

The customer service has been great. Every challenge I’ve had, they’ve been able to accommodate and be understanding even with a 13-hour time zone difference.”

Bon Aqua recommendation

Fieldmagic is easy, teachable, organized, and I wouldn’t want any other software for our company.