Are you looking for job management and scheduling software that integrates seamlessly with your MYOB accounting system? Look no further - Fieldmagic is able to connect to any cloud enabled MYOB accounting system in minutes.

The Fieldmagic system includes support for:

  • Time and materials jobs and invoicing
  • Fixed price jobs
  • Multi-resource staged jobs with stage-based profitability analysis

The system allows users to manage costs against jobs, both from the ordering of parts and materials for jobs to the logging of existing inventory parts against a job. The system takes this information into account in calculating the profitability of jobs, and customers, suppliers, invoices and purchase orders are seamlessly synchronised into your MYOB system. In addition, payment status is synchronised back into your Fieldmagic system so that you can see when customers have paid their invoices.

Fieldmagic has been designed from the ground up to integrate seamless with both cloud accounting systems and on premise ERP products. Our integration with MYOB Accounting software is no different, and the integration is seamless end to end.

This integration is included in the core platform and no additional cost is required for integration into MYOB Accountright (there may be additional charges for MYOB Exo due to the integration requirements).


The integration includes:

  • Automatic synchronisation of company and contact data from Fieldmagic into MYOB.
  • Automatic synchronisation of job and maintenance invoices from Fieldmagic into MYOB.
  • Automatic creation of supplier invoices in MYOB from Fieldmagic purchase orders once approved.
  • Automatic update of payment status of client invoices from MYOB back into Fieldmagic.

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