Understand your Relationships

As TrustSphere integrates seamlessly into your Field Magic system, you are provided with a single view of your customers through your CRM system with access to information about your contact's relationships and interactions all from the same platform. This creates visibility in your company and allows for a number of advantages:

  • Obtain one view on all email communication (of your whole company) to your customers
  • Never be blindsided in a stakeholder meeting about an issue you were not aware of
  • See your prospects and customers interactions all at once, with services, other people on the sales team, support, legal and marketing
  • Track interactions from lead to close – all within the CRM
  • Automate when to follow up on leads
  • Never miss important communications between others in your company and your customer

Understand Your Stakeholder Communication

TrustSphere helps you understand relationships, but also instantly highlights any and all communication that a stakeholder or student has had with any member of your staff. When a student submits an issue to be resolved, you can instantly see who they've been communicating with, and also a summary of what they have been communicating about. This instantly tells you who to work with to resolve the issue and improves the stakeholder's experience.

Reduce Customer Churn

Have you ever had a sales rep or account manager move on and struggled to understand where their relationships are and who needs to be contacted? What’s the risk associated with losing those prospects and relationships to your company? TrustSphere addresses this by automatically analysing those relationships and representing them in a visual way. That means that the next time a staff member moves on, you can visually see where their strongest relationships are so that you can cover those off immediately and maintain those prospects and relationships, even once your staff members have left.

Account Management

We’ve often heard the comment when talking to prospective clients that they’ve implemented CRM in the past, but the problem was that the users didn’t put information into the CRM to start with! The problem with this is that it makes accurate account planning very difficult - when were your high value clients last contacted and what were the recent conversations? TrustSphere automates this as it is based on real email & phone data and automatically updates last contact dates, even providing insight into recent conversation history, all without any additional data entry from your users.

Analyse your Relationships with Easy-to-Understand Analytics

Let’s say that your sales reps are prospecting for a particular organisation and they’d like to get insight into what relationships may be in place between other staff members and that organisation. TrustSphere actively analyses all relationships between your staff and prospective organisations, highlighting those relationships in a visual tool that allows sales reps to identify how they might be able to obtain a warm introduction.

At the same time, TrustSphere allows you to create reports and analytics around the interactions that your staff are making with customers. Through visually appealing and easy to read graphs and tables, you can see your most recent interactions, the strength of relationships, the status of a relationship (e.g. - if the relationship had gone cold), communications per month and the communication activity of your contacts. This way you can always know where the relationships with your contacts are at so you can ensure you are always providing the best possible relationship to your customers.

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