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  • Oct 19, 2017
  • by Trevor Carlsson

What is Recurring Invoicing?

Recurring invoices are invoices that are created to bill your customers on a regular interval. 

Simplify Billing with Recurring Invoice Management for Jobs

What is possible with Fieldmagic Recurring Invoicing? 

Having flexibility when setting up your recurring invoice schedules is important, which is we built in great flexibility. With our recurring invoice management you can: 

  • Define a specific schedule to bill for an asset/combination of assets you maintain for your customer.
  • Set-Up multiple recurring invoice schedules against a customer. This way you can generate your invoices with each one relevant to their own specific group of maintained assets. 
  • Either manually generate due recurring invoices for greater control and review of due recurring schedules, or to fully automate your the process, turn on auto-generation on a per-customer basis. 

Here at Fieldmagic we are continuously working with our fantastic customers to further improve the platform, bringing more relevancy to our functionality to support your business.

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