Job Management Case Study

Managing a busy and geographically dispersed field workforce, Western Liner needed a solution that ensured they could continue to deliver exceptional customer service while improving the way they scheduled jobs to remote workers to capture real-time reporting back to head office. The goal was simple: Get accurate data and imagery from installs back to head office for billing purposes.

07 November 2018

About Western Environmental Liner

Western Environmental Liner specialises in the production of custom fabricated geomembrane linings for all types of applications. Each year Western Liner provides more than 300 million square feet of these liners to customers. The types of liners provided include those designed for ponds in all shapes and sizes, canals, temporary construction ponds, manhole linings, waste pits, custom bladders, mining applications, golf course pond water features, as well as many more.

Challenges faced.

Western Liner’s challenge was a lack of up-to-date time sheet and billing data. With a geographically dispersed workforce, a paper-based system of recording meant that this resulted in significant double handling of data, first on the initial recording of time in the field, and then transcribing this content to excel for head office. This not only was prone to time lags, but human error in data handling as well.

Western Liner needed to go electronic to eliminate these inefficiencies, and centralise all key customer related data, included jobs and time logs in an online system. This is where Fieldmagic came in, working closely to transform the way jobs were scheduled and managed for the billing department.

What were the top reasons Western Liner selected Fieldmagic?

Fieldmagic provided an end-end solution that now manages new business enquiry tracking, quoting, and the scheduling of jobs to the field team for time and materials tracking and job notes. Being based on a CRM, Western Liner have also taken advantage of the configurable reporting engine, to build specific CSV reports for the billing team to aid in reducing the effort needed to compile billing reports for the Western Liner customer base.

“The main reason we selected Fieldmagic was the Fieldmagic Mobile App. It was by far the easiest and most intuitive app we have used, and provided great functionality when it came to providing checklists of install requirements to our field workers. The app continues to improve, and we are looking forward to seeing where we can go with the platform. “

Pamela Carter, Manager at Western Liner

Favourite feature in Fieldmagic?

“Our favoruite features are the easy to use Field App as well as the configurable job checklist builder in Fieldmagic. The checklist builder allows us to provide specific instructions for our field team, and captures this data in real time back for our head office to review jobs. “

Pamela Carter, Manager at Western Liner

Tangible Benefits

By centralising all key client data within Fieldmagic, it was possible to streamline a number of areas within the business.

Today Western Liner takes advantage of the platform across a range of business areas:

Western Liner Recommendation

“Fieldmagic as a solution has been a good fit for us mainly due to the flexibility of the platform and the easy to use mobile application for our field team. Further to this, it was very easy to get started, and the team at Fieldmagic supported us in the transition and training process.“

Pamela Carter, Manager at Western Liner