Maintenance, Minor Works and Projects in One

Fieldmagic offers a complete platform to manage your field service jobs. The platform supports 3 different times of jobs:

  • Minor Works of "Do & Charge"
  • Maintenance or Scheduled Jobs
  • Projects & Staged Jobs

Each of these job types has their own workflows enabled within the system, and are configured to provide insights around service and financial performance at a technician, client and organisation level.

Job Management

Minor Works Jobs

A minor works job is is a simple job type that is often referred to as a do and charge job if it is based on time and materials, or a fixed price job if based on a fixed amount. Minor works jobs allow technicians and users to log billable or non-billable time or materials against the job from:

  • Within the job record within the platform itself
  • The offline mobile technician app
Minor Works Management

The mobile app provides a simple start/stop mechanism for tracking time against jobs, and works without the need for an internet connection, something that is particularly useful in remote areas. In addition, materials can be attached to the job from the existing product catalogue, or as once off purchases, with the ability to attach receipts to the job as proof.

Once the technician marks the job as complete, an invoice can be generate, which automatically invoices the correct amount based on the time and materials, or the original fixed price quote, depending on the billing method selected.

Maintenance Jobs

Fieldmagic offers a full maintenance management platform, and the maintenance jobs are one of the components of the platform. As part of the maintenance scheduling platform, Fieldmagic provides:

  • The ability to schedule maintenance at multiple intervals per site for each discipline or department.
  • Standards and asset checklists definable on a per maintenance schedule type. For example, if you have a set of checks that need to be performed on fire inspection panels at given intervals, the system will automatically prompt the technicians to complete those checks in accordance with the standards.
  • The ability to log time and materials against maintenance jobs, and optionally bill those jobs.
  • The ability to define scheduled invoicing for those clients that prefer to pay for their maintenance at regular intervals in order to spread the cost of maintenance over time.

Finally, if any issues are found during maintenance, the technician has the ability to log billable time and materials as needed, or log the issue for quoting. The office user can then generate a quote directly from the maintenance job, which can then be converted into a billable minor works job once approved.

Maintenance Management Software

Projects & Staged Jobs

When you need more than just simple job management, Fieldmagic provides a full staged project management platform. This allows office users to define multiple stages for each job, with the ability to define for each stage:

  • Estimated labour and materials budgets for each stage, along with the quoted billable amounts associated with each stage of the project.
  • Technicians are prompted to log time and materials against each stage of the project, allowing the system to track per stage profitability, and keep your team on track.
  • Fieldmagic automatically calculates the financial performance of each stage against the job, along with overall financial performance of the job.

Naturally, in the case of staged jobs, Fieldmagic allowsfor multiple invoices per job based on the expected billing dates for those jobs. This allows for a flexible, complete platform that allows for the tracking of large, complex jobs within your organisation.

Project Management & Staged Jobs

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