Here at Fieldmagic we've been listening to what you have been saying, and are happy to announce that CPQ is now available in Fieldmagic. 

What does this mean?

The new CPQ functionality will allow you to build out a quote by:

  • Adding parts line items.
  • Adding labour line items.
  • Allowing you to group quote sections.
  • Allowing you to re-shuffle the groupings.
  • Allowing you to save your quote as a template for re-use later.
Powerful Quoting Engine for Field Service

Quote Format Options

We've also added the ability to dictate what level of detail you'd like to display on your quote to customers:

  • Summary of Quote Only
  • Show Detail 
  • Show Detail with Pricing
  • Display Service Schedule
Powerful Quoting Engine for Field Service

Introducing Cover Letters

Cover letters allows you to build out well-formatted introductory cover pages for your quotes, and include your pricing table within these to present a compelling value proposition along with your pricing information. 

These can be saved as templates allowing you to re-use these over and over again. For short, more basic proposals this is an ideal way to quickly build out a document that is well presented.

Powerful Quoting Engine for Field Service

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