There are two ways to add image in a record

  • Using the Record Action Menu
  • Using the Checklist


Open a record, and then click the 3 dots at the upper right corner of the screen. It will display a list of record action, simply tap "Add Photo":

Capturing Image

You can upload images using your camera phone or gallery. 

  • If you select "Camera" it will open your camera phone(see steps in using checklist)
  • If you select gallery, you can move and scale the image simply tap "Move and Scale". Once you're ok with the image tap "Use"
  • You can also add notes to the image by using the notes field

Once you've completed adding images, scroll down and tap "Save."


When you create a checklist (see resources for the checklist) you will be asked to enter questions with different types of input options( e.g number, instructions). To use images in your questions select the type "Image" and "Signature" to capture signatures:


In the checklist, tap the camera icon beside the question that requires photos:

Photo and Signature

Your camera phone will open. 

  • If your image is blurry or you missed some detail, you can take a photo again. Simply tap the "Retake" at the bottom of the screen. If the image is acceptable select "Use Photo" to attach to the checklist. 
  •  You can also add multiple images. Simply tap the camera icon again. You can remove the other images by tapping the pencil icon at the bottom of the screen.Tap "Ok" at the upper right corner of the screen to save the image(s). 
Photo and Signature


Tap the note icon beside the question that requires a signature:

Photo and Signature

Sign on your screen using a stylus or your finger. If you want to repeat signing, tap the trash-can icon at the bottom of the screen to clear the screen. Tap "Ok" if the signature is acceptable. 

Photo and Signature

You can  view the images and all the signatures related to a job by tapping the "Files" in the record action menu

Pictures and Signature

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